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Unity Recovery Center

Identifying The Problem & The Solution

Unity Recovery Center seeks to provide a multi-faceted and personal alternative to standard drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Each client's individual needs are evaluated using both traditional and holistic methods, facilitating permanent growth and freedom from addiction. Through this progressive balance of treatment options, Unity Rehab gives each client a wide variety of skills to help them on their path to successful rehabilitation — both immediately and in the long-term.

Although many holistic treatments have been used for centuries, modern science has only recently begun to realize their full potential to heal in conjunction with cutting edge techniques. Unity Rehab recognizes this potential and constructs a best-of-both-worlds treatment program depending on the needs and preferences of the individual. Nutrition, fitness and holistic pain-management techniques are incorporated in order to promote lasting benefits in the lives of our clients.

Realizing that overcoming addiction can be a lifelong battle, Unity Rehab maintains close contact with each client after the initial treatment, helping to monitor their successes and address their continued needs. In addition, we provide our clients and their families with thorough education programs on the many aspects of addiction as an illness. In fact, our multi-disciplinary programs can be utilized to treat a wide array of addictions and mental ailments - eating disorders, gambling addiction, alcohol dependency & sex addictions. As many mental disorders are a root cause of addiction and dependency, our treatment programs can be specifically tailored to address dual diagnosis personality & bi-polar disorders, in addition to more complex and lasting mental heath issues.

Our treatment programs are abstinence-based, incorporating the Twelve-Step model, and may include some or all of the following, dependent on the client's particular needs:

Florida Drug Rehab Center

Here at Unity Rehab, we pride ourselves on a staff of professionals trained at the Master level in all aspects of our program. Expert clinicians have set guidelines for our personnel above and beyond drug and alcohol treatment standards. Yet it is the mentality at Unity Rehab that truly sets us apart. Most important of all, our welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere encourages effective, life-long recovery from drug and alcohol dependence in clients from all walks of life. We strive to create a lasting bond between client and staff and, through that bond, develop lasting relationships that promote true and permanent change.

Unity Rehab specializes in the treatment of both male & female clients from the ages of 18-75 who suffer from primary substance abuse/alcohol problems and also persons with secondary co-occurring mental disorders (i.e. Dual Diagnosis). Our focus is on individual attention, personal relationships & full care of the mind, body & spirit. Every aspect of the Unity Rehab experience is designed to cater to each unique individual in a way that provides them with the structure and support they will need to continue a life free from dependency.

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