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About Our Drug Rehab Programs

#1 Addiction Treatment Center

Unity Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that specializes in personalized care for our patients. We are a medically supervised holistic drug rehab center that recognizes the requirement for an alternative approach to drug rehabilitation. Having witnessed the success of these programs all over the country, we combine these holistic and alternative methods with the time-tested 12-step program to ensure the best possible results.

Our biggest focus is on the individual needs of each patient, tailoring a unique track of holistic & medical rehabilitation to maximize personal experience. Unity Rehab focuses on the healing of the entire being – mind, body and spirit. From individual therapy sessions that can heal the mind, to nutritional classes and yoga sessions that can cater to the body and soul, Unity Rehab's experienced staff will work diligently to help each of its patients discover the root of their addiction issues as well as teach them the most promising of natural coping mechanisms.

Knowing that addiction is not simply a “cured” disease, but an ongoing, life-long struggle, Unity Rehab offers a complete medical and psychological evaluation to all of its patients upon arrival and continues to monitor success well after the patient has left the facility. Because no two patient's addictions are alike, we believe individualized treatment is crucial. Handling any addiction with a "one-size-fits-all" approach does nothing to treat the patient's unique issues and can be detrimental to their recovery. We stand by our individualized and holistic treatments, as it is because of these methods we are the number one choice for addiction treatment in the state of Florida and boast some of the highest success rates in the country.

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