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Family Therapy

Family Drug Rehab Therapy

Nearly one third of U.S. families have a loved one suffering from drug and/or alcohol abuse. The impact of addiction on the family can be huge. Sadly, it is not only the addict that will need professional help; the whole family will need support in coping with a family member's addiction. Many patients will attempt to shield their family from the addiction treatment process, but it is imperative that the family is a part of it. At Unity Recovery Center, every 3rd weekend of the month, we offer an intensive family program that includes:

Educational Group Process where the family will learn about:

When the family of someone suffering from an addiction participates in the healing process, this can greatly improve their chances of a successful long-term recovery. This is best done and most effective in an open and safe environment. Participation in Unity's family program may seem overwhelming at first, but most family members report that they leave the program with a feeling of relief and renewed hope. The tools gained at during Family Weekend are life-changing. This process provides the opportunity for:

Attending the family program also provides family members with realistic expectations of the recovery process following drug rehab and allows the members to respond in a "unified" way, alleviating a lot of pain and suffering for those that are involved. With active participation, family members will learn about family dynamics as well as the tools needed to rebuild healthy relationships with someone in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.

Active participation in the companion 12-step programs such as Al-Anon and Nar-Anon, family therapy, or individual counseling can help the recovery of the whole family. At Unity we will provide an entire weekend for the family to engage in group educational activities, role playing, and individually therapy to aid in our drug rehab programs. This will assist in helping the addict/alcoholic transition back into family life.

We understand that everyone may not be able to travel or attend family weekend, but that doesn’t prevent us from working closely with family while aiding in mending relationships. Unity Recovery Center’s therapists work diligently with both the patient and the family to help improve communication and overall relationships.

*This activity is free of charge. You will be responsible for your own transportation, lodging and meals

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