Group Therapy Program
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Group therapy

Group Sessions During Drug Rehab

The most basic and common goal of any addiction treatment program is to give back the tools required to live a healthy life free of addiction. The battle is within, but addiction can be so powerful and debilitating, the assistance of caring professionals increases the chances of success tenfold. This can be achieved in many ways; one of the most effective ways is through group therapy.

At Unity Recovery Center, the method of group therapy is used daily. Each group is facilitated by a clinical professional and is tailored to meet the complete needs of each individual. Gender specific groups as well as age-specific groups are held daily. Every afternoon, clients will participate in Caseload Process Group; these are small, personalized, and intimate groups with your primary therapist. Group sizes are no larger than 8 people. Every morning, clients will participate in various groups surrounding different focuses. Topics include:

Along with groups each day at Unity Recovery Center, we also go to outside AA/NA (Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous) meetings every evening. The 12-Step Program may not be for everyone, but we feel that it is a great experience and opportunity to get out in the community and learn about others' recovery process.

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