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One on One Intensive Therapy & Intensive Treatment Planning

Florida Drug Rehab

Unity Recovery Center is very experienced with treating all kinds of substance addictions including:

The methods of treating addiction vary as widely as individual personalities. The most basic and common goal of any treatment program is to give back the tools required to live a healthy life free of addiction. In drug and alcohol rehab, addicts learn about their disease and its effects on themselves as well as those closest to them. The battle is within, but addiction is so powerful and debilitating, the assistance of caring professionals increases the chances of success tenfold. This can be achieved in many ways:

At Unity Recovery Center, clients will be assigned a Master’s-level therapist, as well as a Case Manager. Each individual will work diligently with both their therapist and case manager to develop a treatment plan. Your therapist and case manager will be there for you every step of the way, ensuring the highest quality treatment program. Our goal is to individualize each program that is best for everyone, fitting the needs and desires of each individual. All treatment plans are very comprehensive. Everything from initial intake to the discharge plan is carefully thought out and designed to maximize each patient’s recovery program.

One on one session’s with your primary therapist are on a weekly basis. Your Master-level therapist will work thoroughly to create a plan of treatment that best suit your needs. Our therapists are highly qualified and trained in various aspects of not only substance abuse, but also mental health as well. During your one on one intensive therapy sessions, topics such as:

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