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True rehabilitation from drug and alcohol dependency begins with your commitment to sobriety. At Unity Recovery Center, our holistic and personalized treatment programs are designed to give you the best possible chances at long-term health and well-being. However, these are the first steps on your life-long experience with sobriety. We know that you will face challenges along the way and we work to provide you with the best possible tools to face them head on – and succeed.

Recovery doesn’t end after leaving a care center like Unity Rehab. Most patients continue with 12-step meetings, peer group support, halfway housing and other extended care programs. If the same commitment that was applied during rehab is applied to a continued recovery plan, then the patient is much more likely to avoid relapse.

Because addiction is never really "cured", it is imperative that each patient develop their own individual plan for nurturing and maintaining their recovery. Unfortunately, there will always be temptations to battle. Stressful situations, social pressures, broken trust in relationships and many other factors can contribute to a loss of faith in your sobriety. “Falling off the wagon”, as it is often called, is all too easy to do. Preparing yourself by enlisting the continued support of Unity Rehab’s team of professionals is as vital as the initial treatment itself.

Even if you relapse, each patient is encouraged to jump right back in to continuing care and strive to regain your sobriety. We are here to support our clients for the rest of their lives. Only by coping with the challenges that await you upon completion of your time in rehab will you be able to live a truly sober and healthy life ... one day at a time.

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