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Nutrition & Fitness

Comprehensive Drug Recovery

Unity Recovery Center believes the mind-body connection is a powerful force. Nutrition, fitness and overall physical wellness are all important parts of our rehabilitation process. Nutrition is too often overlooked in this process, but the correlation between the physical health of our bodies and our mental state is extremely significant. By closely monitoring the intake of vitamins and nutrients, we can help control patients’ blood sugar levels, mood regulating chemicals, energy levels, and many other physiological processes. Additionally, regular exercise helps detoxify and strengthen our bodies and minds, regenerating damaged cells and creating the endorphins that aid in stress reduction.

At Unity Rehab, fitness education programs, customized workout routines, nutrition plans, and regular evaluations of physical health are all part of our clients’ recovery plan. Alcoholism and drug abuse often promotes a lifestyle of lax standards in this regard, and tends to lead to more sedentary and anxiety-driven behaviors. At the same time, these very same behaviors tend to feed the addiction itself, creating a vicious cycle of increased dependence and diminishing health.

A healthier lifestyle will not only help you overcome your addiction, but it will also help you sustain your success over the long term. An exercise regimen that is fun and challenging continues to foster a productive and disciplined lifestyle. Stress, which is often associated with relapse, is dramatically reduced and easier to cope with. From a sedentary lifestyle to Unity Rehab helps prepare you for a healthy lifestyle, by teaching the importance of good nutrition and exercise habits, giving you the tools needed to establish and maintain physical well-being, all of which can greatly improve your chances at a successful recovery.

Florida Drug Rehab Programs

Customized Rehab Programs

Rather than simply focusing on the physical aspects of addiction, the holistic programs at Unity Recovery Center offer what we refer to as a “whole body treatment”. We strive to empower our residents with the confidence, knowledge and sense of balance necessary to make lasting commitments to their mental, physical & spiritual health. Our programs are individualized in such a way that the patient is able to determine the root causes of their addiction and is given the tools to battle those stressors free of chemical dependency.


Fast gaining ground in the treatment of addiction is the ancient art of acupuncture. Extremely effective in minimizing the effects of chemical withdrawal symptoms, acupuncture accesses the body’s natural channels of energy & can greatly increase a patient’s sense of calm and well-being.


Similar to acupuncture, and with a vast number of whole-body benefits, massage is a fantastic daily treatment we use to relieve the body of stress & toxins. Pressure along energy canals in major muscle groups helps to release natural mood enhancing chemicals & has a profound effect on mental & physical stability.


Used as a tool to reinforce and highlight the disciplines learned in our program, Yoga is another holistic art form that has shown an amazing effect in our resident’s lives. Knowing that addiction is a loss of control, yoga helps restore balance and harmony to the whole body and instills a renewed sense of power & self-discipline.


The benefits of a regular exercise routine are practically boundless. Working in conjunction with our nutrition programs, each patient’s fitness regimen is designed to optimize vitamin & nutrient intake. As with massage, daily physical activity promotes the release of mood-enhancing chemicals & helps to relieve all types of stress. Patients feel better overall, sleep better at night and are able to focus on their disciplines with increased mental & physical confidence.


The use of meditation in the rehabilitation process has proven to be one of the most useful tools in the lives of patients seeking deep & permanent behavioral change. Stressful and distracting thoughts are removed and focus is restored. Patients connect with their pain and suffering and, through a centering of the self, are able to see more clearly the path to healing.

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