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Drug Free Pain Management

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Chronic pain can be a serious and lasting problem for many recovering addicts and alcoholics, but through education and a series of progressive therapies, a naturally pain-free life is a very real possibility. At Unity Rehab, educating our patients about the rebound effects of substance withdrawals is a top priority.

There are countless ways to manage pain in a natural and empowering manner, but these are a few that we have employed to great success:

Meditation - A little over an hour of meditation can have a profound effect on the level of pain a patient experiences, and how well they are able to manage its intensity. Research proves that those who practice meditation are able to reduce the intensity of their pain by 40%, compared to a 25% reduction with morphine.

Acupuncture – The process of nerve stimulation through the acupuncture process releases pain and stress reducing endorphins. The brain and spinal cord receives more of these signals to release endorphins and less of the pain signal, thereby reducing pain by significant levels.

Massage - When going through the withdrawal process a patient's dopamine levels (a chemical responsible for our "feel good" moods) are below average. Massage can help increase the levels of dopamine in the body, which is essential during withdrawal.

Chiropractic Care – Much safer than prescription drug methods, chiropractic care has proven a fantastic pain relief therapy alternative. It works at the source of the health issues to find a permanent solution, as opposed to a temporary fix, eliminating the possibility of further dependency on prescription drugs.

Aqua Therapy – Greatly benefitting patients suffering from neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders, aqua therapy provides a safe environment for addressing posture, strength and balance issues. Pain and inflammation are lessened and the body responds well to the decreased feeling of pressure and gravity.

Nutrition - Deficiencies of minerals and vitamins can often be responsible for weakness in the body. Certain nutrients can boost immunity and decrease inflammation and the pain associated with it. While inflammation is not the main cause of pain, it can definitely make your pain more intense or last longer. Good nutrition is essential for combating inflammation.

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