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Drug Rehab Facility

Our drug and alcohol rehab center is just minutes from the exquisite Jupiter Island and the Atlantic Ocean.
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We have a large variety of treatment programs to effectively treat each one of our patient's unique alcohol or drug addictions.
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I had a great experience at Unity. I learned a lot about recovery and myself through the relapse prevention focus. - Brian B
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Medical Staff

Unity Recovery Center's professional staff also works closely with our university and mental health interns.

think positive during addiction recovery


At Unity Recovery, we have a workforce that is extremely passionate, not only about our clients and recovery, but also about positive thinking and self-improvement. These principles are part of our company culture and are evident at every level of our organization. Recently, one of our most passionate and positive employees, Facilities Manager Frank Celestino, wrote a poem about attitudes and facing adversity. We thought we’d share it with you so you can get as inspired as we did! ATTITUDE
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Lessons from Florida addiction treatment center

Life Lessons from a Florida Addiction Treatment Center

Here at Unity, we believe we deliver the highest quality, most clinically sound Florida addiction treatment center services—and we have been doing that since 2009. In the years since we opened, we have treated thousands of people and have learned a lot about this disease and its impact on lives from every corner of the country. Helping people who struggle with drug abuse, alcohol abuse and other addiction can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Every single day, there is a lesso
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Six Sober Ways to Spend 4th of July

Who doesn’t just love the 4th of July? There are so many things to celebrate! The birth of our great country…a day off work…the balmy weather at the start of summer. But as we know, national holidays can be triggers for folks in recovery. There’s food and drink and overindulgence everywhere. But there are tons of ways to celebrate Independence Day and still maintain sobriety. Go to a Marathon Meeting For the newly sober there are so many triggers around during the holid
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Alchol Abuse - Substance Abuse | Rehab Corner | Unity Recovery Group

Alcohol Deadlier Than HIV, AIDS, Violence And Tuberculosis Combined

It’s not news that alcohol is dangerous. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, nearly 88,000 people die alcohol-related deaths, and it’s the third-leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. But a new study indicates that alcohol isn’t just a huge problem in our country – it’s deadly worldwide. According to the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), alcohol accounts for more deaths worldwide than HIV, AIDS, vi
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Money Mistakes - Alcohol Addiction

Seven Common Money Mistakes That People Make

For many of us, managing finances is one of the toughest parts of daily life. Sometimes, it seems as if no matter how much money we make, we can never quite catch up or get ahead. Although in some cases that might be due to simply not making enough to cover basic costs of living, many of us make very simple money mistakes that keep us from attaining financial stability. Below are seven common money mistakes people make that, if reversed, might help you get out of the red. Making a purchase becau
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Alcohol Addiction & Powerlessness over Alcohol

Why Is Admitting Powerlessness Important?

The average alcoholic (or drug addict) spends years denying the severity of his situation before even considering drug and alcohol treatment. Alcoholics expend mass amounts of time and energy trying to find ways to make drinking “work”. This includes attempting controlled drinking – which might work sometimes, but isn’t usually a long-term success – drinking only a certain kind of alcohol to avoid getting “too drunk,” or only drinking on certain days. Th
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  • I've learned so much about opiate and cocaine addiction since I went to Unity for residential treatment. I've learned about the disease of addiction; particularly the disease components of progression and relapse prevention. I have greater self-esteem and new coping skills to help me manage my triggers such as anger and depression. I get along better with people now and strive for healthy relationships. Most importantly, I now believe I deserve a good life free from drug addiction.

    - Jennie T.

  • I had a great experience at Unity. I learned a lot about recovery and myself through the relapse prevention focus.

    - Brian B.

  • The staff at Unity was caring, loving and concerned... Unity saved my life....

    - Tommy C.

  • I loved the morning readings and meditation on the beach... I found myself there...

    - Nikole B.

  • Unity saved my life... the staff at Unity gave everything to me. The support and counseling was absolutely fantastic and my entire experience was great.

    - Jenny B.

  • I got everything I needed at Unity. The staff was kind, the therapy was great. The small groups were conductive to an intimate experience. I would not have been able to do treatment any other way.

    - Janet W.