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Unity Recovery Center Testimonials

I've learned so much about opiate and cocaine addiction since I went to Unity for residential treatment. I've learned about the disease of addiction; particularly the disease components of progression and relapse prevention. I have greater self-esteem and new coping skills to help me manage my triggers such as anger and depression. I get along better with people now and strive for healthy relationships. Most importantly, I now believe I deserve a good life free from drug addiction.

- Jennie T.

I had a great experience at Unity. I learned a lot about recovery and myself through the relapse prevention focus.

- Brian B.

The staff at Unity was caring, loving and concerned... Unity saved my life....

- Tommy C.

I loved the morning readings and meditation on the beach... I found myself there...

- Nikole B.

Unity saved my life... the staff at Unity gave everything to me. The support and counseling was absolutely fantastic and my entire experience was great.

- Jenny B.

I got everything I needed at Unity. The staff was kind, the therapy was great. The small groups were conductive to an intimate experience. I would not have been able to do treatment any other way.

- Janet W.

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