Trauma Therapy
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Trauma Therapy

Comprehensive Drug Rehab

Traumatic experiences can influence people in various ways. A person's method of dealing with and response to a traumatic experience can impact one’s ability to get clean and sober, and to maintain a life of sobriety.

Unresolved emotional trauma can even cause physical health issues to arise along with on going psychiatric problems. Utilizing a trauma-based therapy approach in conjunction with our multi-disciplinary programs offers recovering alcoholics and drug addicts the time needed to finally start healing the emotions within. Many times there is an underlying traumatic issue that has not been properly addressed. Until that trauma is resolved, the alcoholic/addict runs the risk of a re-occurring relapse.

For those who are suffering from past history of trauma, we offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy. EMDR is a form of psychotherapy used to resolve the development of trauma-related disorders caused by exposure to distressing, traumatizing, or negative life events, such as rape or military combat. The goal of EMDR therapy is to process these distressing memories, reducing their lingering influence and allowing clients to develop more adaptive coping mechanisms.

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