Florida Drug Rehab Programs
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Florida Drug Rehab Programs

Medical Detox

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a complex process that may often require a medically managed and pain free detox treatment. Detox, which is short for detoxification, is the process of removing any drug toxins or by-products from the body. If these toxins are not removed before a patient begins their rehabilitation treatment, their chances of success decrease and their chance for relapse is greatly increased. After the biochemical effects of addiction have been removed, we can start the mental and emotional healing process.

Drug Rehab

Our drug rehab program is an intensive program that offers clients a safe and private solution to substance abuse and addiction. Considered one of the best drug rehab programs in the country, we provide all clients with a unique array of personalized treatment and experiential therapy, from individual counseling to group therapy and 12-step modules. Because physical ailments such as chronic pain also factor into addiction, namely prescription drug addiction, we also provide our clients with an extensive list of holistic treatments from beachside yoga to chiropractic care and acupuncture.

Alcohol Rehab

Like our drug rehab program, our alcohol rehab program includes daily meetings with a private counselor to discuss individual factors that may be contributing to a client's alcohol abuse as well a 12-step approach. Through therapy sessions our counselors will address a series of personal struggles, including depression, family problems, anxiety and post traumatic stress issues, as well as incorporate group meetings where individuals can gain encouragement and inspiration from other client's sharing similar experiences. Holistic activities and nutritional education is also incorporated into our alcohol rehab program.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis treatment, which means the treatment of a "co-occurring disorder", is a critical part of the rehabilitation process. Mainly because if both problems aren't treated at the same time, there may be no way to overcome either. The dual diagnosis program allows psychiatrists to screen each client and make various adjustments to an individual's rehabilitation program depending on the diagnosis. Clients are often treated for the physical addiction, the drugs and/or alcohol, in addition to a mood or behavioral disorder such as post dramatic stress and depression.

Lifetime Aftercare

When inpatient rehabilitation is complete, we still encourage preventative maintenance for all of our clients. Our Lifetime aftercare program provides clients with continuing support in order to stay sober once they have left our in-house care and entered back into the "real world". Ranging from counselor-led group therapy, sober living houses, psychiatric services to AA/NA and 12-step meetings, our individually designed lifetime aftercare program ensures our clients will always have the help they need in order to return to a safe and stable, drug and alcohol free, environment.

Nutrition and Fitness

A balanced diet, exercise, and physical wellness are all key to a full and successful recovery. A healthy body encourages mental and spiritual wellness which gives all clients who enter our rehab center a chance at a long lasting and real recovery. Good nutrition, often overlooked in the recovery process is necessary because our physical well-being and our mental state are deeply intertwined. By regulating and improving the fuel for our bodies, we help improve the health of our minds, allowing us to be better prepared for a life of sobriety. Additionally, exercise helps detoxify and strengthen our bodies and minds, regenerating damaged cells and creating the endorphins that aid in stress reduction.

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