Family Therapy

The long and damaging reach of drug and alcohol addiction extends much further than just the addicted individual. The immediate family members of people with addictions bear a sizable burden as well. Unity Behavioral Health utilizes family therapy to ensure that the needs of the substance abuser’s entire family are addressed during treatment, enhancing the chances for a successful long-term recovery.

Heal Together as a Family

Nearly one-third of U.S. families have a member who is struggling with a substance use disorder. While the focus is rightly centered on the person with the addiction, the impact on his or her family should not be underestimated.

The whole family benefits from professional support in coping with and overcoming the addiction. Families often need help understanding the nature of addiction, as they have likely never experienced it first-hand. All of the patient’s immediate family members must understand how they can positively or negatively impact their loved one’s recovery.

Nearly one-third of U.S. families have a member who is struggling with a substance use disorder.

I'm ready to let my family in.

Coming to terms with the pain your addiction has caused those around you is no easy feat but it's key to making a full recovery. Unity Behavioral Health's team of therapists is more than equipped to turn any bad blood into water under the bridge.

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Family participation to expedite recovery

Many patients will attempt to shield their families from the addiction treatment process, but it is imperative that they be included. At Unity Behavioral Health, we offer an intensive family therapy program to encourage family participation and expedite recovery.

Our family therapy program offers in-depth addiction education that will teach family members about:

Relapse prevention


Healthy relationships and boundaries

Family Dynamics


How to get help while a loved one is in treatment

The Impact of Addiction on Family

For the most part, the damage substance abuse causes an addicted individual is evident. Whether it’s physical deterioration, diminishing work/school performance, legal problems, financial difficulties or a combination of all of the above – it’s apparent how substance abuse impacts people with addictions. The same cannot be said for close family members, who often suffer in silence.

Children of alcoholics or people with drug addictions are more likely to have behavioral problems, mental health disorders and to become chronic substance abusers themselves.

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Those closest to addiction patients are frequently frustrated by their loved one’s incessant substance abuse, harbor resentment for the damage it has caused and are uncertain about what to do about it. In addition, people who live in homes where drugs and alcohol are regularly abused are more likely to witness or be victims of domestic abuse. Children of alcoholics or people with drug addictions are more likely to have behavioral problems, mental health disorders and to become chronic substance abusers themselves.

This doesn’t even include the shame and embarrassment many feel over a loved one’s substance use disorder. As an addiction grows unabated, the list of victims impacted by the collateral damage continues to get bigger, creating justified anger and resentment toward the addicted person in many cases. Family therapy during rehab is employed to help families work through the many problems surrounding the addiction.

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The Importance of Family Therapy

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When the family of someone suffering from an addiction participates in the healing process, it greatly improves the patient’s chances of a successful long-term recovery. The parents, siblings, spouses and children of addiction patients are often unaware or misinformed about substance abuse and the power of addiction. Participation at our family program may feel overwhelming or unnecessary at first, but most family members report that they leave with feelings of relief and renewed hope.

The tools gained during the family program are potentially life-changing.

Family members will gain a greater insight into their loved one’s struggle, develop healthy coping mechanisms, learn the tools needed to rebuild relationships and reopen the lines of communication. Additionally, the patient will benefit from the support and love he or she receives from those who engage in the recovery. Attending the family program also provides family members with realistic expectations about rehab and recovery.

Join Your Loved One

Active participation in the companion 12-step programs, such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, family therapy or individual counseling can help the recovery of everyone involved.We understand that not everyone will be able to attend our family program, but that doesn’t prevent us from working closely with family while aiding in other regards. Our therapists work diligently with patients and their families to help improve communication and overall relationships.

You’ve felt the devastation of addiction as a family, now it’s time to experience the restoration of rehab as a family. Our family therapy program is just one of the many services we offer our patients at Unity Behavioral Health. Our mission is to do everything in our power to help patients overcome their addictions, and we use family therapy because we know our patients need every ally possible in this lifelong battle. Contact us today at 561-708-5295 to learn more about our family therapy program and how it can help you and your loved ones.