Holistic Addiction Treatment

One of the newest developments in the field of addiction care is the increasing implementation of holistic addiction treatment that takes an all-encompassing approach to the client’s wellbeing and encourages many overall lifestyle changes. At Unity Behavioral Health, we look beyond just the surface symptoms of addiction and strive to provide comprehensive treatment for the mind, body and spirit.

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

This complementary treatment strategy is used in concert with traditional therapies to provide patients with the tools for long-term success in recovery. Holistic addiction treatment is derived from ancient healing practices and has become very popular throughout the healthcare industry. When applied to patients with addictions, the holistic therapies at Unity Behavioral Health have proven useful in several areas:

Helping patients overcome stress, depression and anxiety

Increasing self-awareness

Improving overall mental health

Reducing discomfort during detox and rehab

Developing healthier coping techniques

Spiritual exploration

People turn to drug and alcohol abuse for many different reasons, and most of the time those reasons are unclear at first. Sometimes people abuse substances to self-medicate symptoms of a mental illness. Other times, it could be to fill a spiritual emptiness or to manage body pain. Focusing on the mind, body and spirit allows patients to better explore the origins of their substance abuse, making progress in addiction treatment much easier.

How can I turn my victory in rehab to a victory in life?

Seeking help with an addiction can be hard but admitting that you need help after treatment can be even harder. Unity Behavioral Health is here to help with any treatment services you need. Find out how we can help you get on with your new life.

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Holistic Treatment at Unity Behavioral Health

We are proud to offer an extensive holistic healing program at Unity Behavioral Health. Each of our holistic options were researched and selected by our addiction care specialists based on the many needs of our patients and the overall efficacy of these modalities. Our holistic options include opportunities for spiritual examination and remedies for mental illness and chronic pain.

photo of a woman receiving massage therapy

Massage Therapy

People in the early stages of addiction recovery often experience an uncomfortable gap between their body and mind. Therapeutic massage can bridge that gap and is a powerful complementary treatment option during addiction rehab. Massage therapy is very effective in removing toxins from your body, helping you to feel better more quickly. Also, massage helps to improve circulation and reduce inflammation of tight muscles, scar tissues and adhesions.

photo of a man receiving a chiropractic adjustment to his neck

Chiropractic Care

When your spine is misaligned, it can disrupt the flow of transmitters, which can cause a chemical imbalance in your brain known as the reward deficiency syndrome. Precise, localized chiropractic adjustments, specific to the upper cervical spine, stimulate the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, which helps balance the chemicals in the brain that control your reward systems. Studies have shown that individuals who receive these adjustments during their recovery program may experience reduced anxiety, increased focus and improved overall wellbeing

photo of a person meditating on the sand in front of the ocean


Meditation is not offered as a cure-all for dependence and drug seeking behaviors. However, when it is included in a comprehensive drug treatment program, meditation provides increased self-awareness, a renewed spiritual religious connection, increased creativity and a decrease in negative emotional responses to life’s many stressors. A little over an hour of meditation can also greatly reduce pain and help a patient better manage its intensity. For those who need assistance with pain management, research proves that practicing meditation will reduce the intensity of pain by 40 percent, whereas prescribed morphine is said to only reduce pain by 25 percent.

photo of a women gaining pain relief from acupuncture


Countless addiction patients have reported marked reductions in cravings, relief from withdrawal symptoms and improved sleep and relaxation as a result of acupuncture. Additionally, the World Health Organization lists over 40 disorders that respond favorably to this ancient treatment. Among these are chronic pain, injuries, back and neck pain, headaches, depression (mild), stress disorders and insomnia. Acupuncture decreases chronic pain by increasing the release of endorphins (morphine-like chemicals produced to help our bodies manage pain and stress). When a nerve is stimulated by acupuncture, it sends a message to the brain and spinal cord to release those pain-relieving endorphins. As a result, endorphins then block the message of pain being transmitted to the brain.

The Value of Integrated Addiction Treatment

There is no one single drug or alcohol addiction treatment strategy that works for every patient. Each person who enters rehab has specific challenges to overcome, and an integrated addiction treatment approach ensures that these obstacles will be met and defeated. While one patient may have fallen into opioid addiction because of an injury, another could be struggling with alcoholism to drown out traumatic memories. Offering treatment that concurrently focuses on mental health, physical wellbeing and spiritual healing allows addiction care specialists to help patients identify and surmount their impediments to recovery.

Each person who enters rehab has specific challenges to overcome, and an integrated addiction treatment approach ensures that these obstacles will be met and defeated.

At Unity Behavioral Health, our goal is to help patients find their unique paths to sobriety. We do this by providing comprehensive treatment that accounts for more than just addiction. Our rehab strategy allows patients to discover why they abuse drugs or alcohol, uncover the dysfunctional thoughts that lead to substance abuse, reverse the damage caused by addiction, identify other co-occurring mental illnesses and live healthier and more balanced lives.

If you or someone in your life is ready to fight back against addiction, we urge you to call one of our representatives right away. Any delay in treatment could result in the problem worsening and/or the addicted person losing the motivation to seek treatment. Call us today at 561-708-5295 to learn more and get started on the path to a drug- and alcohol-free life.