Intensive Individualized Therapy

You need a treatment plan that’s as intense and aggressive as your drug or alcohol addiction. When you or someone you care for has finally made the decision to get treatment for addiction, you want your loved one’s rehab to be as effective as possible. That’s why Unity Behavioral Health offers intensive individualized therapy, delivered by highly-trained and experienced addiction care experts.

Extensive and Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

At Unity Behavioral Health, each of our clients are assigned Master’s level therapists. Each of our patients work individually with their therapists to develop a personalized treatment plan. Our dedicated staff will be with you through every step of your journey to sobriety, ensuring the highest possible quality of treatment.


Still the nation’s deadliest drug, we offer treatment designed to help people learn to live alcohol free.


As our nation’s heroin epidemic continues, we are helping patients mitigate withdrawal symptoms and relearn necessary life skills.

Prescription Drugs

Our prescription drug addiction treatment program helps patients who have developed a prescription drug dependency.


Cocaine abuse often leads to overdose; our cocaine addiction program combines treatment with education to help our patients avoid potential relapse.

All of our treatment plans are very comprehensive: from the initial intake to the discharge plan, everything is carefully thought out and designed to maximize each patient’s recovery program.

My addiction is severe but I want to overcome it.

Drug or alcohol addiction is never easy to overcome and often develops into a severe and debilitating problem. A powerful disease like addiction requires the intensive individualized therapy available at Unity Behavioral Health.

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An Individualized Therapy Approach

Although all of our patients struggle with addictions, each took a different path to get to the point where their substance abuse had gotten out of control. No two addictions are the same, and an addiction treatment program should reflect the unique challenges associated with each patient.

photo of a doctor consulting with a patients and creating an individualized therapy plan

We offer Intensive Individualized Rehab

No two addictions are the same, and an addiction treatment program should reflect the unique challenges associated with each patient.

At Unity Behavioral Health, we realize that each of our patients require an individualized addiction treatment plan that is tailored to maximize their success. Each treatment plan accounts for a wide range of factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Mental Health
  • Family History
  • Environmental Factors
  • Occupational Hazards
  • Physical Health

Common Addiction Misconceptions

illustration representing the misconceptions people have about addiction

The amount of misinformation surrounding both addiction and recovery is not only troubling, but it’s also potentially dangerous. Misconceptions and myths about addiction impede a person’s willingness and ability to get help and perpetuate negative and damaging stigmas.


You can stop using any time you want


Addiction is a moral failure


You cannot be addicted to prescription medicine


People with jobs and stable lives can’t be addicts


Rehab doesn’t work


Addiction is a choice


A person must hit rock-bottom before treatment can work


You can force someone into treatment

Exploring the Nature of Your Addiction

The initial decision to use drugs or alcohol is voluntary. As use increases to abuse, the decision becomes less and less voluntary. One of the purposes of addiction treatment is to uncover your patterns of substance abuse. We work with our patients to help them understand why they keep abusing drugs or alcohol and what causes them to continually act out this destructive behavior.

One of the purposes of addiction treatment is to uncover your patterns of substance abuse.

In most cases, our patients are not aware of the factors that cause them to keep abusing. Once these influences have been discovered through rehab, we then work with our patients to develop short- and long-term steps to address and resolve these issues.

At Unity Behavioral Health, our aim is to guide each patient to his or her unique road to recovery. We realize that each person has taken a different path to get to UBH and understand that recovery will require a different approach in each situation. Our job is not complete until we find that path for you or your loved one. To learn more about our intensive individualized therapy options or to set a date to begin your rehab, contact us today at 561-708-5295.