At Unity Behavioral Health, we’re proud of how the versatility of our various facilities enables us to offer a wide array of therapy options to our clients. One of these options is our exclusive activity based therapy program. It adds some action, energy and excitement into our drug and alcohol addiction treatment, motivating and challenging the clients at our activity based facilities in the pursuit of personal growth.

A History of Success

We offer each of these therapies on-site at several of our top-of-the-line activity based facilities located throughout Florida’s St. Lucie and Martin counties. Activity based therapy has been used to treat a wide range of medical conditions since the early 1900s. It is often conducted as a group exercise and integrates nature, fitness, talk therapy and physically and mentally stimulating activities.

When it comes to addiction rehab, different techniques are more effective on certain patients than others. While all patients are required to go through certain therapies, many are more effective with some then they are with others. The key to any successful rehab facility is to offer many different types of programs to ensure that all patients’ recovery needs can be addressed with individualized approaches, designed just for them.

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In terms of addiction treatment, activity based therapy has been shown to help patients improve certain areas of their lives, including:

My addiction is severe but I want to overcome it.

Drug or alcohol addiction is never easy to overcome and often develops into a severe and debilitating problem. A powerful disease like addiction requires the intensive individualized therapy available at Unity Behavioral Health.

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Features of Our Activity Based Therapy Program

At Unity Behavioral Health, our activity based facilities feature therapies such as water-based outdoor-activities designed to help patients explore and learn more about themselves. Our numerous state-of-the-art properties in St. Lucie and Martin counties allow patients to experience the beauty and healing power of nature in a hands-on fashion. Not every activity based therapy program offers its patients the same level of service, and our wide selection of programs wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our facilities being spread out through Southeastern Florida’s scenic vistas. Some of our activity based therapy offerings include:

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Standup Paddleboarding

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Why Activity Based Therapy Works

To understand the efficacy of activity based therapy, it’s first important to understand that effective drug or alcohol addiction rehab focuses on treating the whole patient, not just the addiction. Activity based therapy is used to address the impact of addiction beyond the obvious symptoms. Years of drug and alcohol abuse erodes the social, cognitive and physical skills of many addiction patients. Therapy at one of our activity based facilities breaks them out of their comfort zones, exposes them to new experiences, allows them to bond with their peers and makes rehab involve a lot more than just counseling and detox.

In activity based therapy, patients are challenged with programs that are hand-picked by a lead therapist. Patients are given specific tasks and the freedom to make decisions about how best to accomplish them. During these exercises, patients are observed by therapists, who then make assessments about the progress made in treatment and areas of rehab that require more focus.

This is an effective rehab approach, because people often communicate better non-verbally. While verbal therapies can be useful, not all patients are comfortable expressing themselves in front of others. Using activity based therapy, patients are communicating without even realizing it, and these nonverbal communications offer illuminating insights for addiction care therapists.

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Activity-based therapies help patients break out of their comfort zones, exposing them to new activities…

Choosing from our Activity Based Facilities

Effective activity based therapy involves a lot more than just participating in outdoor activities. When searching for an addiction care facility that offers activity based facilities, be sure that the facility is accredited and employs therapists who are specifically trained and licensed in this type of therapy.

We are extremely proud of our activity based therapy program at Unity Behavioral Health. Our licensed therapists work closely with patients to improve physical fitness, minimize symptoms of mental illness, build confidence and discover new passions. Not only is this extremely helpful during rehab, but it’s also potentially more helpful in the weeks and months following addiction treatment.

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Patients need to be prepared to combat the inevitabilities of life following addiction treatment.

Activity-based therapies create additional opportunities for patients to develop new skills and interests to help replace their previous addiction.

These new interests can also help with relapse prevention by showing patients that they can enjoy activities without being high.

Our addiction rehab program integrates activity based therapy with other traditional and holistic therapies to help patients gain lasting control over their addictions. We invite you to contact us today at [phone] to learn more about our activity based therapy programs and see if they are the right fit for you or your loved one.

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