When looking into addiction treatment options, insurance assistance matters. AvMed insurance is an in-network option available with Unity Behavioral Health. The level of coverage will depend on each specific plan and can vary between policies.

It will be valuable to have the knowledge of which treatments are applicable under AvMed Insurance policies. It will be equally important to be aware of the duration of time allowed for each.

Because it will benefit you to understand how Avmed can be used toward your treatment, below is an outline of coverage. Additionally, you can reach out to both Unity Rehab staff, as well as your AvMed provider, for more helpful information.

AvMed Insurance is an In-Network Option for Unity Rehab

The following material provided will assist you in making the best possible decisions about your drug and alcohol treatment plan. Having a thorough understanding of the financial assistance available to apply to rehab, keeps the process easy. 

Getting clean and sober is the most important objective. Applying Avmed Health Insurance to your treatment plan will lessen the stress of facing a financial burden to do so.

Suffering from an addiction is a hardship in itself. Determining whether insurance will cover some or all of the costs of treatment, shouldn’t have to be. Using the information below, along with the knowledge and guidance of rehab staff, you can prepare for your recovery journey. Rest assured, AvMed is an in-network health insurance option available to you in the Florida area. 

AvMed Has Years of Experience in Providing Coverage

Insurance for Addiction TreatmentFor more than 50 years, AvMed has been available to cover Florida residents for their health treatment costs. Established in 1969, Avmed began by offering their policies to those working in the aviation industry. Their original intention was to provide health coverage to airline pilots, covering the costs of physical exams required to perform.  

However, since then, the company has been able to broaden their network, and become available to the general Florida public. Due to their expansion, Avmed has made health insurance policies available to assist in both physical and psychological departments. When it comes to addiction treatment costs, AvMed can be applied in many cases. In the state of Florida, AvMed provides coverage for over 230,000 people and has been rated highest in satisfaction. 

About AvMed Insurance Advantages for Rehab Treatment

Because of the variety of coverage options, AvMed can provide a wide range of assistance for treatment. Fortunately for those in need of addiction treatment, there are options available to utilize. This makes it important to work with Unity Behavioral Health professionals as they can assess your needs individually. 

There are some variations within what is applicable for each case. Making the differentiation between the types of coverage you will need will be essential. Getting coverage for mental health care may be different than traditional insurance benefit options. Treatment concerns should be discussed upon enrollment into a program and can be determined by a rehab medical professional. 

Having years of experience helping those suffering from an addiction and requiring treatment, Unity Behavioral Health can provide transparency. Navigating through the levels of care provided by the facility versus what is available for coverage can be confusing. 

Let our trained professionals help you get the most out of what your insurance provider has to offer. With our expertise, Unity can line up your treatment requirements, while getting the most aid your insurance policy allows for. 

How to Utilize AvMed as an In-Network Insurance Provider

Opting for an in-network insurance provider, such as AvMed, gives you the best chance of being covered for necessary treatment. This is especially true when it comes to follow-up care, Medication-Assisted Treatment  (MAT), or telehealth counseling appointments. The factors to consider include:

  1. Having the ability to participate in the programs that are most beneficial to your recovery needs.
  2. Being able to enroll in these programs for the recommended and complete durations while benefiting from insurance coverage.
  3. For lowered costs of medications that may be required as a part of treatment or to reinforce recovery

Be sure to discuss potential out-of-area requirements during your assessment, to ensure that you remain covered through the duration. Also, consider whether you will need to apply your AvMed policy to maintenance therapy post-treatment, if necessary. 

Out-of-Network Insurance Versus AvMed

With many other insurance companies, especially those that are out-of-network, there is a risk of having only minimal costs covered. Or even, in extreme cases, being exempt from applying for benefits completely. AvMed, being an in-network option for Unity Behavioral Health, reduces this risk. 

It can become especially troublesome when the duration of the program exceeds what many other out-of-network insurance policies deem necessary. Standards of addiction care may be different in different regions and only reflect what is applicable within their region. This is important to take into consideration, to ensure that rehab is completed, and long-lasting recovery is achievable. 

AvMed Co-Pays and Deductibles

Our team at Unity Behavioral Health will be able to provide you with information on any copayments or deductibles. Though AvMed may apply to your treatment, some types of treatment may only be partially covered. This will depend on the level of care that is required for each specific person, and the severity of the addiction. The intensity and time frame of one program may vary between other substance abuse treatment options

However, because AvMed is in-network with Unity Behavioral Health, we will be able to provide you with further insight. We will take the time to review your plan, assess psychological health needs, and prepare a quote. Additionally, if a deductible applies to your specific case, it may be considerably lower than others, using an in-network policy.

Having this information in advance alleviates the stress of any surprise costs. Better able to prepare and focus on your recovery, makes for a more comfortable transition into and out of rehab. Contact us today to get started calculating which program is right for you, without breaking the bank. 

AvMed Makes Budgeting Easy for Florida Residents 

AvMed is a non-profit insurance provider that holds high regard for the health of its policyholders. To be able to have plans in this range of affordability, Avmed requires that applicants be located within their available zone. In this case, the region required to be eligible for coverage is within the state of Florida. 

Residents of this area benefit by utilizing this health care provider for their rehab treatment needs. With many corporate insurance providers premiums can be expensive, forcing many to go without. By ensuring that their plans are at low cost to you, AvMed coverage is attainable even on a budget. 

Rehab, Recovery, and Other Services Covered by AvMed

In addition to offering health insurance at affordable rates, there are many other services to take advantage of. Along with the essentials of drug and alcohol treatment, AvMed offers coverage in the following areas as well:

  • Maternity
  • Pediatric care
  • Dental
  • Vision 
  • Prescription drug

Best of all, this extends to the family of the policyholders, within their group plan policy. Insurance for all of their members goes beyond rehab treatment, making AvMed a necessity to keep medical costs low. 

AvMed Encourages a Healthy Life-Style for Members

AvMed, taking the health of its consumers seriously, supports maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even after rehab treatment. This insurance encourages members to remain motivated on their journey toward long-term health and sobriety. The HealthyPerks Program offers rewards for completing goals along the way, rewarding proactive efforts to stay well. In the form of gift certificates or otherwise, it incentivizes keeping up with your well-designed aftercare plan, after rehab. 

Importance of a Relapse Prevention Plan After Rehab

During treatment, it is important to ensure that you are covered by your insurance long enough to complete your program. As you progress through rehab, you will be developing strategies to cope with triggers that have led to substance abuse. This is known as an aftercare program or a relapse prevention plan

These skills will be the most valuable way to remain sober as you return to daily life after treatment. Relapse is always a threat to those who have achieved sobriety. AvMed does its best to design policies with these benefits in mind to promote a healthy future for its members. For residents in their region, AvMed and Unity Behavioral Health, partner to make this an easy transition for each individual. 

Which AvMed Policy is Best for Unity Behavioral Health?

Unity Behavioral Health can help you decide which policy will support your rehab needs best. A specialist can look further into your coverage to help you determine if you are eligible for: 

  • They type of program recommended to treat each addiction
  • The amount of time you will require versus what is covered by your healthcare plan:
    • 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc. 
  • Whether you are eligible to receive the essential followup care included 
  • What your deductible is if any
  • How much time is applicable before you can receive treatment, especially when treatment for relapse is required

Unity Behavioral Health, working with AvMed, will help you design a treatment plan that is right for you and your budget. Making sure that rehab care is as affordable as it is effective is the ultimate goal. The information will be provided to you ahead of time during your psychological assessment. This way, you are better able to prepare for any out of pocket costs that are required after applying AvMed Insurance. 

Requirements for Treatment and Coverage Availability

Some circumstances can alter how much of the cost of rehab will be covered. These are determined case by case and are subject to change. This includes the amount that has to be provided to the treatment center upfront to begin receiving care. 

Certain individuals may require insurance approval before monetary assistance. Some may be eligible for reimbursement of this amount from AvMed. Regardless, to begin detox and treatment therapy, some costs must be covered upfront. 

Some of the situations where this may be applicable include (but are not limited to):

  • The country, state, or region of the individual requesting addiction treatment  
  • The specific detox or treatment program and the urgency of the date to begin treatment
  • Whether medications are needed throughout the process to aid detox
  • The recommended length of time required to complete the program

Whether an addict requires complete residential care or partial hospitalization for their addiction may also contribute to upfront costs. For many, obtaining immediate in-house care and detox services should be prioritized, as opposed to delaying treatment and resuming active addiction. 

This does not necessarily mean they will be responsible for the entire cost of treatment. However, it may mean that urgent treatment can begin during insurance negotiation if the balance is compensated for in advance.  

AvMed Detox Coverage Options

Detox is without a doubt the most necessary first step toward recovery from addiction. Sometimes, substance abuse becomes so advanced that intensive treatment with medication to assist will be necessary. This is performed during the program known as medical detox. After completing the detox regimen, addiction therapy can begin. Though in some cases, the use of these therapeutic medications continues to be of benefit to the next stage. 

Often this is where members of AvMed begin to utilize their financial coverage options. Depending on the type of drug administered, the cost of this program can vary, as does insurance coverage. While some out of pocket drug costs should be expected, the program itself could be covered completely by AvMed policies. 

AvMed Psychological Care Coverage Benefits

AvMed takes overall health seriously when it comes to its members. So while physical health is an important part of the equation, mental wellness is a predominant focus. Typically, psychological assessment and the necessary steps toward treatment are covered by AvMed. Part of rehab treatment is the opportunity to participate in neurobehavioral therapy, to assess mental health issues and complete wellness. 

The purpose of this therapy is to determine if a person seeking addiction treatment suffers from additional psychological illnesses. If coinciding illnesses are present, this is determined to be a dual-diagnosis. 

Treating dual-diagnosis is crucial to be able to sustain wellness and sobriety in recovery. An untreated psychological illness that was previously unknown to have affected a person, interferes with the ability to remain sober. Believing in the importance of emotional and mental health, AvMed has built assistance options into their coverage plans. 

AvMed Health Insurance Benefits: Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Essentially, when it comes to different levels of care at rehab, there are two major categories. For those that need around-the-clock attention to deter substance abuse, residential treatment is the best option. To manage addiction firmly, it is required that an individual remains within the rehab facility exclusively during treatment. 

The alternative is available to those who cannot abstain from their daily obligations. However, for treatment to be effective, they must be able to resist the temptation to continue substance abuse. Outpatient rehab is designed for those who must continue their work, school, or childcare commitments, but also need rehab treatment. To be eligible for this type of care, it must be determined by a professional, based on psychological condition. 

AvMed has many different policies and coverage options to choose from for different circumstances. This makes it important to know which treatment option you will be participating in upon enrollment for benefits. 

Completing your assessment with Unity Behavioral Health will itemize the essential therapies and programs necessary to apply for insurance too. This way, the out of pocket prices remain affordable, and insurance can be prioritized were most financially necessary. 

Applying AvMed to Treatment at Unity Behavioral Health

Getting addiction treatment will be the best decision you make for yourself and your family. AvMed can help with the cost of in-network substance abuse treatment services at Unity Behavioral Health. Leaving more time to focus on recovery, AvMed covers several treatment options, lowering the overall cost of care. 

Rehab professionals are familiar with AvMed policies and will help you determine which policy is best for you. Contact us today to get started immediately. The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you can feel better about what the future holds for you. Don’t miss out on the financial assistance available through AvMed, that can be applied to rehab. Get enrolled today!







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