Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Addiction Treatment Coverage 

Because our facility at Unity BH is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, we can cater to our patient’s financial needs. Our staff works with each BCBS representative to achieve the maximum amount of coverage possible. Our goal is to give everyone a fair chance at attending rehab despite their financial background.

Payment Options for Rehab

Paying for rehab is an extra cost that not a lot of people can afford on their own. Because of this, our staff at Unity BH understands the importance of educating our patients on all of the different options available.

The two main ways of paying for rehab are out-of-pocket and through insurance coverage. Paying out-of-pocket is not a viable option for everyone. When individuals are forced to pay out-of-pocket, it can lead to financial hardship. Our staff wants to help our patients avoid this at all costs. This is why we focus mainly on the second option.

The second option we encourage our patients to look into is using their insurance plan. Insurance allows our patients to pay next to nothing for their treatments compared to what they would pay out-of-pocket. We work closely with each insurance company to obtain the largest amount of coverage that is available.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Information

Blue Cross Blue Shield, or BCBS, serves over 107 million members worldwide. As the highest contracted insurer in the U.S., BCBS is in-network with most medical practices. They also have made a plan called BCBS Global available. This allows their members to be covered in their home country, as well as foreign countries when they travel.

Healthcare providers that are in-network with BCBS can earn “Blue Distinction.” If a provider has earned this distinction, it means they have an outstanding practice. This puts them at the top of the BCBS recommendation list to be recommended to individuals seeking care. 

Other BCBS Benefits

As one of the best-known insurers across the globe, BCBS has many other benefits besides those attached to rehab treatment. They strive to give everyone a fair chance of receiving insurance benefits. They also use this as a way to collect important data to show certain health trends going on within the country.

Their plans are catered toward every race, religion, and ethnicity. By providing affordable insurance to all, BCBS greatly helps out local communities. Those who may not be able to afford insurance otherwise are given a chance to receive top-quality healthcare.

At Unity BH, we aim to stress the importance of finding a multi-faceted insurance plan. Although it is important to have one that caters towards your needs in rehab, it is also crucial to find one that fits your lifestyle after treatment is done. We believe BCBS is a great option for both in-treatment cases and life after rehab. 

Reviewing Your Empire BCBS Policy

Thankfully, insurance is becoming more and more affordable each year. Due to this, more individuals have access to insurance plans. If you have decided to enroll in our program, we will review your Empire plan to understand what coverage you’re eligible for.

At Unity BH, a review of your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan will show you: 

  • What amount of out-of-pocket expenses you should expect
  • How long you can attend our programs
  • What levels of care are covered

Once reviewed, your Empire policy will allow us to inform you how much you should prepare to pay. This will also allow us to develop a plan of action that is best for you during the treatment process.

What are In-Network and Out-of-Network Providers?

Knowing the difference between in-network providers and out-of-network providers will help save a lot of money in the long run. In-network providers are those who have partnered up with certain healthcare facilities. Out-of-network providers are those that will still accept your insurance, but the rates will be higher.

If your provider is in-network, it means they are contractually bound to that insurance company. Because of this, their rates will be lower under your insurance plan. Most of the time the entire cost is not covered, but they do cover a large sum of the final amount. This can usually be anywhere from 60-80% of the total cost.

Unity BH is in-network with BCBS, which allows a lot of the cost of our treatments to be covered. The plan you currently are under will determine the amount of coverage you will receive for our services. Our staff will work with each BCBS representative to ensure the maximum amount of coverage is found.

Empire BCBS Detox Coverage

During our medical detoxification process, Before undergoing residential or outpatient detox, each individual that comes to our rehab facility, has to go through a comprehensive intake process. This is where our trained addiction specialists and medical professionals assess the person’s unique situation with addiction and/or mental illness and then determines what treatment services and the program would best suit their needs. 

After intake, individuals begin the official treatment process by receiving medically-assisted detox. With the help of anti-craving medications, the body slowly rids itself of the toxic substances the person has been abusing (drugs and/or alcohol). 

We require patients to stay within our facility as it is safe, and surrounded by professionals who know how to handle any complications should they arise. These costs can add up, but BCBS plans can help cover some to most of the expenses of detox.

Most Empire plans cover most all of the amounts of inpatient detox within in-network facilities. Because Unity BH is in-network with Empire, the cost of rehab will be extremely lower under a plan than if paying out-of-pocket.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Coverage With Blue Cross Blue Shield 

When admitted into our facility, there are two different levels of treatment to choose from. For more severe cases of addiction, we will recommend our inpatient program. Our inpatient program requires patients to stay within our facility. It also is under a more strict schedule.

The second level of treatment is our outpatient programs both intensive and regular. These are for those who have already graduated in our inpatient program or who do not require around-the-clock care. Both inpatient and outpatient care can be covered under Empire BCBS plans.

BCBS plans are divided up into four coverage levels: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Platinum is the highest level of coverage and bronze is the lowest. A large amount of the cost for both inpatient and outpatient services can be covered by your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. The out-of-pocket costs will depend on what state you carry the policy in and what level of coverage you pay for.

Empire BCBS Coverage for Mental Health

Mental health plays a large part in the development of addiction disorders. Due to this, many patients often have to go through both mental health and substance abuse treatment. While they are in our facility, we aim to treat both at the same time to cut down costs. This allows more patients to be seen and also for them to be able to afford our services.

Most Empire plans cover a large number of mental health treatments here at Unity BH. These include things like residential treatment, supportive therapies, cognitive-behavioral therapies, etc. They also partially to fully cover our telehealth treatments that are now being offered. These treatments are done over the phone or computer from the comfort of our patients’ homes.

Why is Unity BH the Best?

Since 2008, we have helped countless patients rediscover what it is like to live without substance abuse. Our staff prides ourselves on guiding each patient towards the path to a full recovery. We offer many different amenities on our campus that includes:

  • Quick Intake and Assessment: Our staff uses our resources wisely. They can assess each patient’s needs and requirements quickly and efficiently.
  • Individual Counseling: We want each of our patients to feel like they are being heard. By offering individual counseling, we believe this allows us to truly get to the root of their addiction.
  • Countless Therapies: Our licensed therapists are available around-the-clock for counseling and questions. Because of this, we offer many different therapies including family, recreational, individual, etc.
  • Aftercare Options: After graduating from our program, the next step is rejoining the world. We offer our services to our patients after they’ve left our facilities. We help them find jobs and support programs that cater to their recovery process.

Contact Us Today 

If you are struggling with how to pay for rehab, look no further. Our staff is more than willing to help any potential patients find out what coverage they are eligible for. Once we evaluate your BCBS plan, we will be able to immensely lower your out-of-pocket cost.

Please do not hesitate to call or message us at any point to learn about our programs. Our center is available to you 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We want to help you or your loved one release the grip on life that addiction has created.




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