Neuro Behavioral Therapy

As technology improves and behavioral research gains deeper insights into human brain function, the field of neuroscience is rapidly evolving – providing remarkable insights into how the mind functions, especially when it comes to the areas of mental health and addiction. Based on these powerful new insights, neuro-rehabilitation is taking a science-based approach to identifying and ending addictive behaviors. There are now several different neuro-rehabilitation treatment approaches that can be used to address specific patient conditions. Here at Unity Behavioral Health, we are at the forefront of using these methods in a clinical setting, helping provide unmatched results for our patients.

With Neuro Behavioral Therapy (NBT) our Neuro Scientist & Psychologists will restore the regulation of neuronal pathways in your brain by identifying abnormalities in your brain and creating a precision medicine treatment protocol that is tailored to reset your individual brain dysregulation by using:

  • Comprehesive Neuro-Psycholical Testing
  • Heart Rate Variability & Biosound Monitoring
  • Bio Sound Monitoring
  • Quantative Electroenecephalography (qEEG)
  • Computerized Cognitive Brain Training
  • Photo Bio Modulation
  • Transfer Of Training Employing 3rd Wave CBT
  • Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation And Transcranial alternation Current Stimulation