We all knew Mary Tyler Moore the star, but not many knew about her great tragedies and struggles with alcoholism.

When most people think of the late Mary Tyler Moore, they picture her huge smile and memorable female-empowering role as star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. However, for as much success as the Emmy-Award winning actress enjoyed,
her life was not without tragedy and struggle. Her only son died from a self-inflicted gunshot at age 24, her younger sister died from a combination of alcohol and painkillers at age 21, she lived through two difficult marriages
and struggled with alcoholism throughout her life.[1]

She passed away in late January 2017, leaving behind a storied legacy in her wake.[2]

Being a groundbreaking actress and producer, her battle with alcoholism is one of the more lesser known facts about Moore’s life. She chronicled her struggles with alcoholism in her 1995 Memoir, “After All.” The former
Dick Van Dyke Show actress admitted she began drinking heavily during her marriage to Grant Tinker. After their divorce in 1980, her substance abuse only got worse:[3]

“Not surprisingly, during that summer the distillation of my growing alcoholism took place. Even though I was accomplishing things by myself, it was all so uncomfortable that I anesthetized myself at the end of the day.
Nothing was so tough I couldn’t get through it until 5:30 or 6. Then the effects of vodka on the rocks made it all go away,” she wrote in her autobiography.

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