Residents of Middle Township and Cape May County, NJ are still stunned by the tragic drug overdose death of local 13-year-old, Vinny Weiner. A seemingly innocent kid with a bright future ahead, just barely out of the Cub Scouts, was found dead on June 4th after taking a deadly mixture of heroin and fentanyl. The tragedy has rocked the small community and left everyone in search of answers.

Unfortunately, fentanyl is showing up as the cause of death for more and more people. The drug, which is 100 times stronger than heroin, was also what killed musical star Prince, and has been linked to many other overdose deaths.

“When used illegally, fentanyl is converted to a powder form by drug distributors and mixed at a dangerous and uncontrolled level with heroin,” the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

It is unknown how Weiner came into possession of this deadly mixture of drugs. Some have theorized that it had been synthesized into a candy form and that he did not know what he was taking.


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