Colin Farrell revealed on a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he’s approaching 10 years of sobriety, an impressive accomplishment for the actor who built a reputation in Hollywood as a heavy-drinking hell-raiser.

After a decade of battling substance abuse, Farrell’s family and friends pressured him to go to rehab in 2005 after filming Miami Vice, a movie which he “couldn’t remember a single frame of” filming. “The second it was finished, I was put on a plane and sent to rehab as everyone else was going to the wrap party,” he said.

Farrell, who is now busy promoting his new film, the Sofia Coppola-directed remake of The Beguiled, explained to DeGeneres, “I’d gotten out of control … I had quite a high tolerance for various drugs for years, I thought. It accumulated to the point where I couldn’t put my foot on the brake anymore.”

Ultimately, Farrell realized he needed to get sober to be a good father to his son James, who was born with Angelman syndrome, a condition that causes seizures, and difficulty with motor skills and speaking. “To watch him face the hurdles in front of him, it’s an inspiration,” Farrell said. “My greatest success is watching him achieve his goals.”

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