An extremely detailed and well sourced article on painted a picture of 27-year Chris Brown in a downward spiral, based on information from former and current friends and employees of the Grammy Award winning hip-hop and R&B musician. The article went into explicit detail about Brown’s habits of abusing cocaine, Molly, Xanax, marijuana and a substance called lean (a mixture of codeine syrup and a soft drink).

The article alleged that Brown had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2014 and that he had been neglecting to take his medication while obsessing over his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. This comes after a long line of missteps and run-ins with the law in the musician’s career, including physically attacking his long-time manager in May 2014, and an arrest in August 2014, following a standoff with police at his home in Los Angeles, CA after pointing a gun at actress Baylee Curran.

Perhaps most notoriously, Chris Brown is known for his brutal attack on his then girlfriend, Rihanna, in 2009. The attack sent her battered and bloody to the hospital and exposed some of Brown’s mental health difficulties. Since the infamous assault, he has been arrested twice and been kicked out of addiction rehab twice. Reports from his probation officer cite “untreated PTSD” and “inappropriate self-medicating.” It appears that Chris Brown’s life is going in the wrong direction.

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