One of the most effective tools in substance abuse prevention and treatment is providing access to accurate, detailed, and thoroughly researched information about the impact that drugs and alcohol can have upon the mind, body, and spirit of abusers and their loved ones.

Knowledge is power, and at Unity Behavioral Health, we know what a difference getting the right information to the right people at the right time can make.

Essential Guides To Addiction Recovery

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Accurate information, based upon the latest scientific research, can literally save lives and give individuals the chance to rebuild the personal and professional relationships that substance abuse can often leave shattered.

Our Essential Guides to Addiction Recovery are open to the public and extensively cover the major topics of drug and alcohol abuse from detox to intervention. Drawn from cutting-edge scientific research and social science data, Unity Behavioral Health has created these guides as an important resource for all those in the community who are confronting the serious issues of substance abuse and mental health.

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