Detox can be the make or break phase of treatment, as the often painful withdrawal symptoms that accompany it (particularly without professional assistance) can cause individuals to rethink their commitment to sobriety. At Unity Behavioral Health, our goal is to make medical detox treatment as safe, painless and comfortable as possible, leaving clients energized and ready to excel in treatment.

Medical Detox Treatment

Start Your Recovery Right

The way you start your journey to recovery will impact how you progress in rehab. Our goal is to make the detox process as painless and comfortable as possible to leave patients energized and ready to excel in treatment.

Unity Behavioral Health offers a drug or alcohol detox program that minimizes withdrawal symptoms and maximizes patient success.

Our medical detox treatment is designed to create a seamless transition from initial admission to rehab and then to recovery.

When someone suffers from addiction, all of us are impacted.

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Our patients benefit from numerous program features that expedite their progress, including:

Medical Detox:

Our team of medical experts will regularly administer medication that addresses withdrawal symptoms and enables patients to build the confidence that will carry them through the remainder of treatment.

Psychiatric Services:

Anxiety and depression are just two of the more common mental ailments that plague patients during drug or alcohol detox. Psychiatric care is essential to help patients achieve the mental state they need to reach the next step of recovery and beyond.

24-Hour Care:

When it comes to drug or alcohol detox, things don’t always unfold according to plan. There are dozens of elements that could potentially hamper or derail your detox; when that happens, you’ll need a team of medical experts by your side to keep you on the right track during medical detox treatment.

Innovative Therapies and Programs:

We offer over a dozen different therapies that allow us to individualize treatment for all of our patients. During detox and rehab, each of these programs enhance the patient experience and improve the chances for a successful outcome.

It's time to begin detox. How do I get started?

Whether the decision to be free from addiction has come from you or a loved one, the all important first step is drug or alcohol detox. Unity Behavioral Health offers an effective, medically supervised detox providing the best results.

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The Safety and Comfort of Professional Medical Detox Treatment

The detox services at Unity Behavioral Health are designed to guide patients through the initial hurdles of withdrawal. We provide an unmatched support system that will help patients power through inevitable struggles and build the resolve to face the long road ahead. Though many may try to self-detox at home, Unity provides clients with numerous therapies, programs and facility features that make the process of medical detox treatment much less arduous.

Attempting to coordinate your own detox at home is an inherently flawed approach. It assumes that you have the tools, experience, expertise and environment to do it alone. It assumes that you can resist the temptation to abuse drugs and/or alcohol without any help, though your past history likely suggests otherwise. It also assumes that willpower is all you need to succeed, when nothing could be farther from the truth.

Unity Behavioral Health stands proudly behind its history of success. We have helped countless patients through difficult detoxifications, leading to resounding, long-term victories over substance abuse.

We invite you to learn more about how we can help by calling us today at 561-708-5295.

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