Our Facilities

Nestled in the heart of Florida’s famed Palm Beach and Martin counties, Unity Behavioral Health is a multi-facility addiction rehab center that treats all types of substance abuse disorders. Unity Behavioral Health’s facilities and locations are important parts of our patients’ rehab experiences, as are the cutting-edge, evidence-based therapies and programs we employ in their individualized treatment plans.

An Environment Designed for Healing and Renewal

Spread out across two counties, each of our facilities offers clients unique amenities, based on their interests and needs. At certain locations, patients have access to a wide range of water sports and other activity-based therapies; at others, patients enjoy a more tranquil setting to help them reflect and find peace of mind amidst natural beauty. While our top priority is always on guiding clients to health and sobriety, our hope is to make this journey comfortable, relaxing and rejuvenating as well.

During your initial discussions with our addiction care representatives, we will determine which of our many locations is best suited to help you achieve sobriety. Depending on your facility, you may be treated to gorgeous tropical views, heated outdoor pools, beautiful landscaping, quiet spaces, nature trails and a wealth of other amenities designed to enhance the treatment experience.

Unity Behavioral Health’s Facilities Meet All Needs and Interests

Our tropical facilities are equipped with private pools for patients to use in between therapy sessions. Our more peaceful addiction recovery locations are designed with gazebos, nature trails, BBQ areas and many other relaxing elements. Each of our patients’ living quarters come with flat-screen televisions and most are equipped with private living rooms and kitchenettes.

The private living spaces aid patients in relearning how to keep their homes clean and on enjoying life without abusing drugs or alcohol.

All of these amenities are meant to be components of a successful recovery. Private kitchens help reeducate patients on how to prepare nutritious meals and take care of themselves. The private living spaces aid patients in relearning how to keep their lives organized and enjoy their leisure time without abusing drugs or alcohol. Even when we leave the facility for trips throughout the surrounding Palm Beach and Martin County areas, we travel in style, with the newest and most up-to-date transportation for our patients.

Each of Unity Behavioral Health’s facilities has unique offerings that are designed to minimize the stress of addiction treatment and improve your chances for continued success and sobriety in the years ahead.

Activity Based Facilities

photo of a man paddling a kayak with a woman paddling behind him

When it comes to addiction rehab, different techniques are more effective on certain patients than others. Some are very responsive to group and individual counseling, while others dread that part of treatment and prefer a more active approach.

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Nature Based Facilities

photo of a wooden bridge leading to a trail by the water

Nature therapy or ecotherapy refers to a variety of nature-based psychotherapies and coaching practices which rely on the innate connection between people and the natural world.

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