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Our Rehab Facilities

Nestled in the heart of Florida’s famed St. Lucie and Martin counties, Unity Behavioral Health is a multi-facility addiction rehab center that treats all types of substance abuse disorders. Unity Behavioral Health’s facilities and locations are important parts of our patients’ rehab experiences.

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The Unity Rehab Difference

Unity Behavioral Health is a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation center specializing in holistic and dual diagnosis addiction treatment. Unity offers a variety of comprehensive programs designed to treat addiction and co-occurring mood disorders, along with medical health issues. We employ successful, proven, evidence-based treatment modalities along with cutting-edge holistic therapies.

  • Medical / Clinical
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Amenities & Luxuries
  • Family Program & After Care
  • Treatment Modalities
Daily Medical & Psychiatric Services with MDs(detox)
Weekly Medical & Psychiatric MD Visits(post-detox)
Medication Management
Nursing Care (Post – detox as needed)
Addiction Specialized Clinicians
Specialized Dual Diagnosis Treatment (for Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar and other Diagnoses)
Patient Care Specialists to Meet Individual Needs
Individualized Treatment Services
One-on-One Treatment Services

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Nutritional Therapy
All Natural Chef-Prepared Meals (Detox)
Meditation / Mindfulness Sessions
Life Skills Therapy

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Safe, Comfortable, Semi-Private Rooms
Granite Kitchenettes in Each Unit
Granite & Marble Bathrooms
Onsite BBQ Grills
Gym Access
Flat-Screen Televisions
Laundry Services
Safe & Confidential Treatment Center
Social Events & Supervised Trips
Upscale Transportation
Nature Trails
Fishing Trips
Community Events

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Aftercare Planning & Follow-Up Services
Family Therapy
Sobriety Training
Replacement Activities for Post-Treatment
Alumni to Assist your Transition
Lifetime Aftercare

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DBT- Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
EMDR & Trauma Therapy
Group Therapy
Individual Therapy
Neuro Behavioral Therapy
Family Therapy
Marriage Therapy

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The Gold Standard in Care

Unity Rehab is a Joint Commission accredited program. The Joint Commission recognizes excellence in health care organizations and programs.

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Rehab Saves Lives

Unity Behavioral Health is a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation center specializing in holistic and dual diagnosis addiction treatment.


The Problem

Addiction deceives you into thinking you are in control.

Addiction deliberately separates you from your loved ones.


The Solution

Find a quality addiction treatment facility to get help.

A quality rehab facility has the tools to free you from your addiction.

Quality rehab facilities use evidence-based practices.


Saves Lives

Unity Behavioral Health’s medical staff employs evidence-based practices.

We specialize in treating “recovery resistant” individuals.

We restore in you what addiction stole from you.

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Highest treatment standard

Unity offers the highest standard of treatment available in the country. We pride ourselves on our accredited, experienced staff, as well as our evidence based approach to treatment.
We will personalize each treatment plan to the unique needs of every individual who comes through our door, and promise to do everything we can help them achieve long term recovery.

An Evidence-Based Approach

At Unity Behavioral Health, we employ evidence-based practices that have been proven scientifically to have a positive impact on recovery. We rely on a team of highly trained, multidisciplinary professionals to outline a step-by-step plan for our patients to achieve success during rehab. Our process begins with a medically supervised detox, where patients are monitored 24-hours per day, and a thorough psychiatric evaluation to uncover the impact any preexisting mental illnesses may have had on the development of addiction. Using this information, we create a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Our team of addiction care specialists only use recovery strategies that are supported by extensive research to help our patients find their individual paths to lasting sobriety.

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